Brotherhood of the Dads of Twins

A blog for Dads, or soon-to-be Dads of twins, focused on creating a sense of community and support.

Welcome to the Brotherhood!




Hey Twin Dads! This is the first installment of a blog intended for Dads, or soon-to-be Dads of twins. Whether you just got the ultrasound with two (or more) separate and blurry little people, or if you are a salty twin veteran who has successfully raised yours to adulthood, this is 100% focused on the experience that us Dads have had, or can expect to have. While your journey will surely differ from others, I can tell you that one thing is universal – you will have questions, and if you haven’t run into a particular situation related to raising twins, then someone else out there surely has. For this reason, you will find that the support…the brotherhood of others walking a similar path will lighten the load of worry and stress that you are certain to bear at one point or another. With that being said, Welcome to the Brotherhood 🙂

My Story

I got a late start in life in beginning my journey as a parent. In my 46th year, my wife and I got the news that we were expecting two little bundles. As you may, or may not know, even in the best of circumstances, a twin pregnancy is automatically deemed high-risk, and it is very rare for a twin pregnancy to go full term. Ours was no exception. We had more appointments, more ultrasounds, etc. than a singleton pregnancy. Thankfully, aside from the “high-risk” label, it was otherwise without hurdles or complications. After a little bit of a bumpy road (I’ll talk more about that later…), I am overjoyed to be able to tell you that Savannah and Colton just had their 4th birthday!

Your Story

While everyone’s story is unique, there are also many experiences, speed bumps, joys, challenges, and triumphs that are common to many of our stories. There are so many aspects of this whole crazy ride that can differ from one household to the next. Whether it’s the choices made in the crib situation when they first get home, or car seats, or how to throw birthday parties, or your focus on fostering their individual identities, etc., I will assure you that there are comfort and peace of mind that is present, to any extent that you want it to be, in the Brotherhood. It is this sense of community that I am hoping you will find here.